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Hunting Marfa Lights
Hunting Marfa Lights reports the results of an eight-year investigation (20012009) into mysterious lights seen near Marfa, a small West Texas town. This is, to date, the only long-term, extensive study of these phenomena. Reports of unusual lights east of Marfa extend back to the 1800s.
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According to one reviewer of the book "Hunting Marfa Lights"

"Mr. Bunnell has spent years of work and considerable expense (purchasing and putting together equipment and housing for it) investigating the mysterious lights ("ML") around Marfa, Texas. This book gives more than just a description of his experiences, interesting as they are: It gives us an objective evaluation of some of the most popular hyphtheses on the what and why of these lights. The pros and cons of different origination-suggestions do not give us a precise and undisputed explanation for what causes them, but it shows us how mysterious they really are."
320 pages; published Dec 2009 by Lacey Publishing Company;
more than 120 illustrations and photos; author: James Bunnell
ISBN: 9780970924940 available on for $13.57
This book does not promote the live-pterosaur interpretation
nor does it promote any cryptid hypothesis to explain the ML.
"What nocturnal creature flies without feathers, according to myth transforms itself into a human form, and is feared . . ."