Texas Sighting, 1995

The account of the 1995 Brownsville, Texas, sighting starts with a dog that is acting strangely. The eyewitness (11-12-year-old girl) is afraid that her dog is sick, for it was not eating.

“I went outside around late morning . . . I found (the dog) cowering around the side of our house as low as she could get behind a banana tree . . . I heard [a] weird noise that made me turn my head.  In the open backyard next door was what looked like a . . . tall man . . . looking away from me . . . the man turned and I realized that this man didn’t have a face like a man at all!  I froze in fear trying to figure out what I was staring at. . . . I watched . . . black leathery (and almost shimmery like they were wet)  bat-like wings [unwrapped] from around the man . . . I was so scared . . . [it] stared right at me with its large black eyes and walked closer to me (it had been about 40 ft away maybe) . . . it turned its head . . . I realized the shape of its head . . . it somehow looked like a pterodactyl.  I thought that was crazy . . . it turned its head back to me . . . the thing appeared to just lift off the ground . . . gliding . . . I ran into my house and slammed the sliding glass door behind me and caught the shadow of its profile in the window . . .”

I have been trying to reach this eyewitness by phone; I’ve found that phone interviews are helpful in learning details that eyewitnesses do not think to volunteer in their first reports.

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