South Carolina Sighting

sketch of the South Carolina PterosaurSusan Wooten first communicated with me, by email, in 2007, and I was delighted that she wanted to share her sighting with others. Over the years, she has established her credibility as a reliable eyewitness of what Western society is sometimes unprepared to accept: Some Americans, sometimes, see flying creatures that can only be described as living pterosaurs. Please consider now her testimony in light of other accounts.

South Carolina Pterosaur

Susan Wooten, of Greenville, South Carolina, was driving from Greenville to Florence (about 1989) when she saw a giant creature glide over the highway. . . . “It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers, not like a huge crane or egret. . . . it swooped down over the highway and back up gracefully over the pines.” . . . a remote swampy area.

A number of other web pages include parts of Susan Wooten’s testimony of what she observed flying over the highway in South Carolina years ago. It’s important to consider related eyewitness accounts, for some critics have sought to simply dismiss this account as if it were an anomaly. But many Americans have reported similar creatures flying in many states of the United States, from California to Maine and from Washington state to Florida.

Also keep in mind that Ms. Wooten has been interviewed a number of times, over several years, and she is clear about her frame of mind when the sighting happened: She was not under the influence of anything that could have caused her to hallucinate. In addition, several other witnesses stopped their cars on the side of the highway right after the creature had flown overhead; that verifies that she was not alone in observing something very strange.


"Live Pterosaurs in America" nonfiction book front coverShocking? Perhaps, but it is true. Did you know that living pterosaurs have been reported in North America, even in the United States? Read the many eyewitness sighting reports;  buy the nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America, on Amazon or from the publisher. Your purchase shall help support this research.

One reader said, “I found this book very interesting. . . . The problem with science is that we think we know it all and that is far from reality. This book shows courage to continue the search. If you have an interest in cryptozoology you should read this.” (Dale Reeder, Pennsylvania)

This has been the number-one best-selling book, by far, on for nonfiction books about living pterosaurs. (late 2009 through mid-2010, compared with “Searching for Ropens,” “Dinosaurs, Dead or Alive,” and “Big Bird.”) Find out why by reading it yourself.

It includes many details not available on web pages, including much about Susan Wooten’s sighting in South Carolina.

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  2. I very much appreciated Susan Wooten’s cooperation in the interviews and her willingness to allow her real name to be used in the book “Live Pterosaurs in America.”

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