Frigate Birds Are Not Pterosaurs

Youtube videos, fortunately only a few of them, have shown obvious Frigate Birds while speculating it is a ropen. If an apparent bird is soaring over the ocean or over a beach in daylight and what is flying resembles a Frigate Bird, assume that is what it is. One video is so obvious that it brings up a question: “Why did the person who put up the video not realize the obvious?” The bird has the white throat-chest common for some Frigate Birds and it has the wing-shape of a Frigate Bird.

I am concerned when I see a video of that bird and read comments like these:

“This looks like a ropen, its a type of dinosaur . . . thats sposed to exist still, i dont think this is fake, and its quite the discovery, well done :D”

I hate to spoil a happy face but the appearance of that bird on that video differs significantly from the appearance of a ropen of Papua New Guinea.

” . . . you guys obviousely this video is real he can not paste or animate this its imposible because when he zooms back . . .”

The person making that comment is also unfamiliar with the appearance of Frigate Birds.

Enough said.

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