Reports of Pterosaurs in Ohio

Texas and California are not the only states where living pterosaurs have been reported. Especially the long-tailed type of pterosaur–that is reported in many states, including Ohio and Kentucky.

Modern Pterosaurs in Ohio and Kentucky

. . . near the Ohio River, in Kentucky. The creature was red with smooth leathery skin. It had no feathers. The man said that the wings were “extremely long.” . . . Some kind of protrusion or “knob” was on the top of the head [sounds like a head crest]. The wingspan was “at least 20 feet or better.”

. . . (late 1970s), when David was 18 years old, he was walking home alone one night through Louisville streets lit by a full moon. Suddenly, a huge shadow swept over him and the surrounding neighborhood. . . . David looked upward . . . Flying across the face of the moon was the outline of an enormous bird. Terrified, David ran the rest of the distance to his home. He described the monster bird to me: its beak, head crest, wings, and tail. I was stunned. ‘That sounds like a pterodactyl,’ I told him. “Yeah ! Yeah !” he agreed excitedly. “One of those dinosaur birds!”

“[near Kenton, Ohio] . . . in June of 2010, a lady reported a ‘pterodactyl’ that flew right in front of her car at night. In her own words, ‘I was driving on Route 309 . . . I had a creature swoop down and glide over my hood of my car. [it] looked like a Pterodactyl, . . . it smoothly flew into a thick area of trees . . . I could see almost the bones in its wings but I did NOT see feathers at all.'”

Ohio Pterosaur (Antwerp)

“He described it like a pterosaur, according to a recently-published book, Live Pterosaurs in America.” The creature was reported “chasing sparrows as it flew over the Route 49 bridge near Antwerp, Ohio.” [reported in a local newspaper in Antwerp]

Challenge to Eyewitnesses of Pterosaurs

The challenge faced by most (if not all) eyewitnesses of apparent living pterosaurs in the United States (Ohio, or Kentucky, or any other state) is this: Who can you tell? Our culture frowns on reporting anything like a live dinosaur or live pterosaur, for those kinds of animals are the subject of life-long indoctrination in our society, that is, all of our lives we are indoctrinated into the idea that those animals no longer have any life.

Television coverage of expeditons in Papua New Guinea help, when a fair view of ropen expeditions is given in a documentary or other television program. But overall acceptance of the concept of living pterosaurs–that may take quite a few years, at least until a live pterosaur is captured, causing the “ropen” cryptid to graduate from cryptozoology into zoology.

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