Pterosaurs in Kansas and Arkansas

Let’s consider two states where eyewitnesses report seeing living pterosaurs: Kansas and Arkansas. Both sightings are covered in detail in the book Live Pterosaurs in America, nonfiction cryptozoology.

Pterosaur in Kansas

“My friend and I were talking and I mentioned that I had seen an extremely large bird that resembled a pterodactyl some years ago . . . I could not believe my eyes as I immediately thought of a prehistoric bird when I saw it. . . . a wing-span of 16-20 feet.”

This eyewitness used the word “bird,” apparently thinking that pterodactyls are prehistoric birds. But when asked about the possibility of feathers, she said, “It did not appear to have feathers.”

Pterosaur in Arkansas

“It was probably 1982 when me and my older brother were sitting in our carport [in Texarkana, Arkansas] It was getting dark but there was plenty of light in the sky when we saw what we believe to be a pterodactyle [pterosaur]. The wingspan seemed to be about 25’ to 30’ ft wide. . . . an awesome sight to see.”

Question: Was there any sign of feathers or . . . was it leathery or naked skin?
Answer: We did not see any signs of feathers, just sharp edged wings, the sharp pointed beak, and the sharp pointed crest on its head.

Question: Did it have any tail? [long-tailed flying cryptids are my specialty]
Answer: We did not see any tail. I have looked at my dinosaur book and the picture of the pteranodon looked like what we saw.


From readers of first edition of non-fiction book Live Pterosaurs in America (note 2nd ed.):

non-fiction cryptozoology book titled Live Pterosaurs in America“[The] new book arrived today! . . . a wonderful job!!! . . . more sightings than they can dispute (21 states!!!) . . . a descriptive and engaging ongoing investigation . . .” Susan Wooten, South Carolina.

“This seems to be the author’s second book on the subject, and this one is worth the effort. He has focused on the accounts of witnesses who saw something, and that adds credibility. The writing is easy to read and he adds comments and analysis . . . more useful. . . .” Red Rabbit, Cleveland, Ohio. [Five stars for the first edition]

“The problem with science is that we think we know it all and that is far from reality. This book shows courage to continue the search. If you have an interest in cryptozoology you should read this.” Dale Reeder, PA.

“This book is a great book! This book contains a lot of sightings and information on living pterosaurs. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in living pterosaurs.” [from Amazon-anonymous child] A Kid’s Review [Five stars for the first edition]

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  3. I saw a pre-historid bird here in central Arkansas back this past spring.As I was driving over a small bridge with a creek underneath it flew up from under the bridge beside my truck and flew up above my truck and out and over a field.I watched it from the side and hte underneath.I had no feathers and it was grey skinned with pink undertones.It had 3 sections to it’s huge wings and a crown behind it’s head.It was so huge and heavy that it had trouble flying up high enough to get up over the top of the bridge.I watched as each section of it’s wings worked.It did not have a long beak and looked like Pelagornis.It looked like one of the birds on the PBS show Dinosaur Train except it wasn’t green and it had 3 sections to it’s wings instead of 2.

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