Cryptozoology Book on Pterosaurs

The second edition of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America is now being published, with online sales channels expected to be open before the end of this month (November, 2010). This edition is greatly expanded with new sighting reports and analysis. This non-fiction cryptozoology book can be found on Part of the Introduction:

This book might make a few Americans uneasy to walk alone at night; my intention, however, is not to frighten but to enlighten as many readers as possible to know about live-pterosaur investigations. Those who’ve been shocked at the sight of a flying creature that “should” be extinct—those eyewitnesses, more numerous than most Americans would guess, need no longer be afraid that everyone will think them crazy, and no longer need they feel alone. Those of us who’ve listened to the American eyewitnesses, we who have interviewed them, we now believe. So, if you will, consider the experiences of these ordinary persons (I’ve interviewed most of them myself) and accept whatever enlightenment you may.

.non-fiction cryptozoology book titled Live Pterosaurs in America

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