Washington State Pterosaurs

The new edition of Live Pterosaurs in America includes several sightings not included in the first edition. One eyewitness reports more than one sighting in Washington state, with a pair of pterosaurs that seemed to have been inseperable, like a mated pair. The eyewitness, like many others who report such extraordinary encounters, is anonymous. He was fifteen years old, living in rural southwest Washington state at the time (1987).

“I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house around 5 pm . . . to my left, and on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird-like creatures I could ever imagine! I almost crashed my bike! . . . I stood on the road and watched them for about an hour. . . . [Their feet] wrapped around a 2”x6” plank; I just couldn’t believe it! [Their] heads I would have to say it was maybe 4 ft long with the beak. . . . the wings looked like black rubber. . . . their wing span was about 20 ft tip to tip. These creatures didn’t fly very high up when we first saw them, they don’t glide much either. We were able to follow where they landed after leaving the fence; it was behind our ranch to a pond where a neighbor grew trout. We watched them there for a little while until they flew into some . . . heavily brushed area . . .” (From pages 62-63 of LPA-2; interview by the author)

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  2. I would really love to believe this. I would like to know what town or city this was near, talk to the individual who’s testimony this is, etc. How can I find out more?

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