More Light on Marfa Lights

Perhaps the greatest controversy relates to this question: “What are Marfa Lights?*” How one answers that question relates to another: “Are all mysterious lights around Marfa caused by the same thing?” Once a person admits that meteors, train lights, and car headlights all may appear mysterious under certain conditions, then that person may come to accept the possibility that some lights may be from an unusual source, not necessarily best explained by reference to common sources.

On one page* of the official site for the cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (second edition) we read:

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that  a controversay has been flying around concerning  the meaning of Marfa Lights. Are all strange lights in  the vicinity of Marfa, Texas, car headlights from that  one highway southwest of the viewing platform? Mr.  James Bunnell is a rocket scientist, having worked  on all the Apollo space missions that put men on the  moon; he has searched and researched, for years,  on this subject, for he’s lived in that part of Texas.  His book “Hunting Marfa Lights” makes it clear that  many flying lights south of the viewing platform are very different, bearing no resemblence to even the  most distorted night-mirage of car headlights.

After reading the book Hunting Marfa Lights, it becomes obvious that some lights around Marfa are not at all like common lights. Something strange is happening around Marfa, Texas. So the first point to consider is critical: Scientific investigation has demonstrated a particular kind of light that appears (several times each year) near Marfa, and this particular light is not a night mirage of car headlights or any other commonly explained phenomenon.

How do those Texas Marfa Lights relate to the concept of modern living pterosaurs? In Texas, eyewitnesses of living pterosaurs make it clear that we need to keep an open mind about strange lights in Texas being related to strange lights in Papua New Guinea, for the southwest Pacific, like southwest Texas, has evidence for living pterosaurs through eyewitnesses.

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  1. The way I originally arrived at the possibility of Marfa Lights being made by nocturnal predators similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea—that came through elimination: All other explanations for the intelligent behavior of Marfa Lights fail; all that is left is bioluminescent pterosaurs.

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