Extinguishing Pterosaur Extinction

I don’t deny that any species of pterosaur has become extinct. Eyewitnesses, however, demonstrate that not all species have become victims of extinction, at least not yet. What we as humans do now—that may influence the life or death of one or more species of pterosaur, however.

Human Experience

This morning, while gazing out my back window, I saw a crow flying through the neighborhood. It flew about 30-40 feet high, about 300 feet from my position, line-of-sight, with many tree branches and leaves obstructing much of my view. Still, I noticed what appeared to be evidence of primary feathers on that crow. All right, I was looking for that spaced-out look at the end of large primary feathers, so that may not have been a perfectly objective observation. The point? My perception of that evidence for primary feathers cannot be legitimately dismissed just because my objectiveness might be questioned.

In that same light, the human experience of observing an apparent living pterosaur cannot be legitimately dismissed just because a skeptic questions the objectiveness of that eyewitness. In particular, the observation of a long tail and an apparent lack of feathers on a flying creature—that cannot reasonably be given a “zero” in credibility just because textbooks declare all species of pterosaurs are long extinct. Indeed, where is objective reasoning if a textbook is used to evaluate the validity of human experiences?

Add up a multitude of zeros and what do you get? Zero. It seems that at least some critics of living pterosaur investigations try to make it appear that a particular sighting has zero credibility and that all other similar sightings should therefore be given a credibility of zero. How shallow! They mention “bias” in those with whom they disagree on the subject of religion, sometimes using that idea by itself to try to dismiss a sighting. Really!

Examine the Western textbooks in detail. Where do you find any reference to any human experience regarding the extinction of even one species of pterosaur? Such a human experience is completely lacking, and the objection that it is impossible for humans to have witnessed any extinction of any pterosaur—that objection is irrelevant: The assumption of universal pterosaur extinctions comes not from any human experience. The point? How foolish to dismiss all human experiences, from around the world, that contradict a dogma of Western textbooks!

Pterosaur Extinction

Open almost any textbook that refers to the creatures. Most likely you’ll find their extinction (many millions of years ago) is treated as if it were indisputable. Why is this idea so prevalent? Is this a scientific “fact” that has been proven? If so, when was it proven?

Cryptozoology and Pterosaur Extinction

How could living pterosaurs escape the notice of scientists for centuries? Two words: “nocturnal,” “rare.” But something else has prevented the discovery of these amazing animals: dogmatism of standard biology.

Marfa Lights or Ghost Lights

Why have a few critics dismissed the living pterosaur interpretation of Marfa Lights, dismissed it outright? Extinction dogma. The indoctrination has been so widespread, for generations, that some skeptics simply use that cultural bias to reject any competing idea, reject it without any reasoning.

Now a cryptozoologist from California has explained the dancing lights of Marfa. Tales of spooks may hold a spark of truth, for recent research implies intelligence directs the lights: Bioluminescent flying predators may be hunting at night and catching a few unlucky Big Brown Bats: Eptesicus fuscus.

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