Pterosaur Encounters with Ships and Boats

Over many years, sighting reports involving a ship or a boat have accumulated. Consider some of the accounts, although they may have little in common except that one or more eyewitnesses on a boat or ship saw one or more apparent pterosaurs.

Sighting From U.S.S. Jouett

From the post “‘Pterodactyl’ Flies Over Military Ship”

With a fellow cryptozoologist, some time ago, I interviewed a man who had been a sailor on the U.S.S. Jouett (guided missile cruiser), CG-29. He told us about the night when he was surprised by an excited shipmate who summoned him out of his bunk. Many sailors had just witnessed a giant “pterodactyl” that had flown directly over the ship.

I was one of the two cryptozoologists who interviewed, by telephone, the former sailor. The man we interviewed, however, was not himself an eyewitness, for he got up topside right after the creature had flown away. His shipmates, however, told him about the giant “pterodactyl.” The captain told everybody to keep quiet about that word, and to only mention it was something unidentified.

Boat Attacked by Pterodactyls near Samoa

This comes from “Dudlow,” who comments on July 21, 2006:

. . . back in the early 1960s off the Samoan Islands. Hairless and featherless . . . a ‘flock’ of these 20-foot+ wingspanned ‘birds’ came in high over their sailing vessel around the same time each evening for several days . . . These screaming furies would circle lower and lower and then make strafing runs low over the hull of their vessel. My friends had to retreat with their children into the cabin for protection . . . They called them pterodactyls, for lack of any better term. And they really didn’t like talking about or retelling this truly weird experience.

Two Glowing Pterosaurs in the Caribbean

A lady who . . . had taken a cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. On about the second day of their cruise, between about 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m., her daughter called her to come out to the balcony to “see something weird.”

 “The minute I stepped onto the balcony, I knew exactly what she wanted me to see. Off in the distance were two very, very large, pink/orange flourescent birds flying behind each other. They looked like the flying dinosaurs, I forget what they are called. They would fly towards the ship, then back out to sea, then fly together in tandum then make a sharp right, away from the ship and disappear into the night. Then they would return.”

Japanese World War II Ship Shelled Pterosaur Caves

“. . . it was the japs [Japanese miliary] on the island who were attacked by the kor.  They [Japanese soldiers] apparently shot several wounding them then followed them to cves [caves] and blew [blew up] the entrances. They called ships fire on the hills and pounded them for several hours.”

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