Orange and Black Pterosaur Flying in Texas

Aaron Tullock was only eight years old when he encountered what could only be called a “pterosaur,” in northeastern Texas, in 1995. Although some critics may discount the experience of a child, he has no doubt what he saw. He is now one of a number of pterosaur eyewitnesses who may be interviewed for a film documentary that may be produced within the next eighteen months.

Aaron Tullock’s 1995 Sighting in Texas

In Aaron’s own words, “This thing flew over my head, about eight feet off the ground, and stopped and hovered in mid air. . . . the creature flew from east going west . . . it came from our land across the road, which is a nice mix of oak and pine forest and thick swamp. . . . It stopped in mid air and hovered there by flapping its featherless, bat-like wings, which were about four feet in span, maybe five. It had a tail about three feet long, with the . . . flange on the end . . . no head crest and no feathers at all, although there was kind of a longish bump on the back of the head. . . .”

Many reports of living pterosaurs suggest a nocturnal behavior for the flying creatures, but this sighting differs, for not only was it in daylight, but the apparent pterosaur had distinctive markings of orange and black, colors most useful in daylight.

Texas Flying Creature

Recent analysis of eyewitness data (eyewitness testimonies of apparent living pterosaurs in the United States) reveals many interesting things. California and Texas account for many of the sightings. This may be from a combination of large human populations and large areas of land in which the flying creatures can live.

“. . . what [at first] looked like a . . . tall man . . . [He] turned and I realized that this man didn’t have a face like a man at all!  I froze in fear trying to figure out what I was staring at. . . . I watched . . . black leathery . . .  bat-like wings [unwrapped] . . . I was so scared . . . [it] stared right at me with its large black eyes and walked closer to me (it had been about 40 ft away maybe) . . . it turned its head . . . I realized the shape of its head . . . it somehow looked like a pterodactyl.   . . . it turned its head back to me . . . the thing appeared to just lift off the ground . . . gliding . . . I ran into my house and slammed the sliding glass door behind me . . .”

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