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To paraphrase Nicola Tesla, the modern scientist needs, rather than deep thinking, clear thinking. I suggest that investigators need to recognize evidence of intelligence rather than require interpretations involving non-intelligence, regarding the CE-III mystery lights of Marfa, Texas. Car headlight misidentifications are irrelevant. Car headlights do not prove that airplanes cannot produce lights at night, and the CE-III’s are nothing like car headlights. We need to consider the apparent intelligence in the movements of those CE-III Marfa Lights, for sometimes some things are exactly as they appear to be, in this case, intelligent.

When residents of Marfa, Texas, and those in surrounding areas, including those living in ranch houses, have observed the more mysterious flying lights—many observations over the decades—they recognize an intelligence in the “dances.” A light sometimes will split into two lights and the two will slowly separate for quite a distance, eventually turning back as they approach each other, like in a square dance. Variations can appear on that theme, but the basics are commonplace. The point is this: Why do so many outsiders, scientists or not, assume that all those residents must be wrong when those local people ascribe intelligence to some of those lights (the ones Bunnell labels “CE-III”)? How we need common horse sense!

For those who have not read my book, or blog posts on this subject, I’ll summarize. The light splittings probably relate to a specific hunting technique. Bioluminescent flying predators attract insects with their glowing. They separate for a short while, allowing Big Brown Bats to go after those flying insects. The larger predators then reunite to try to catch bats, although they may not both remain glowing all the way back, for that would alert the bats.

How can one flying predator split into two? There were always two (or more), but they were close together when they started their hunting “dance.” From a distance, it appeared to be one light splitting into two.

According to Sherlock Holmes, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” I don’t have the omnipotent-like assurance of Sherlock Holmes, but I feel about 75% sure that those special flying lights, the ones labeled (by the scientist James Bunnell) “CE-III,” that appear only a few times a year around Marfa, Texas, are modern living pterosaurs, hunting as a group.

Explaining Marfa Lights

He admitted to me that Marfa Lights last much longer than ball lightning and are seen in all kinds of weather (discounting ball lightning), and he told me what he himself had seen, near the MLVP, unwittingly suggesting a bioluminescent creature. Near the MLVP, Hendricks saw a light come down and move about in the nearby bushes, like an animal would . . . I suspect that Hendricks had witnessed a ropen-like nocturnal flying predator that was chasing a Big Brown Bat.”

Biological Marfa Lights

That reminded me of the light from the ropen of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, and the flying lights seen by the British biologist Evelyn Cheesman, on the mainland, west of Umboi. Those lights are very limited in how long they remain on, only a few seconds.

Flying Under the Radar in Marfa, Texas

But why is that Houston Chronicle newspaper article indirectly instructive? The writer makes no examination of the possibility or impossibility of a biological interpretation. The opinions of two non-biologists (James Bunnell and Karl Stephan) receive most of the attention . . .

More Light on Marfa Lights

After reading the book Hunting Marfa Lights, it becomes obvious that some lights around Marfa are not at all like common lights. Something strange is happening around Marfa, Texas.

Pterosaur Expert

Jonathan Whitcomb is a modern pterosaur expert, having interviewed eyewitnesses from around the world for eight years and having written a scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal of science and having written over one thousand web pages and blog posts on extant pterosaurs.

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  4. This is a brief explanation for the CE-III Marfa Lights; some would say “too brief,” for so complex a subject. But the relationship with the Cheesman lights is worth noting, for those lights also were seen to fly horizontally and for only a limited number of seconds at a time.

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