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Jonathan Whitcomb was interviewed, in Southern California, regarding his investigation in cryptozoology, including his searching and research involving apparent living pterosaurs in North America and elsewhere.Canadian television show recorded cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb

A few days ago, I was interviewed by Richard Syrett, for an episode of his television show. Other cryptozoologists previously interviewed include Garth Guessman and William Gibbons. This episode of “The Conspiracy Show” is supposed to be on Canadian television this coming October. I was delighted at the interview, for it seemed open-minded in the questioning.

Syrett asked several questions related to reports of modern living pterosaurs, but at the May 5th recording there was no way of knowing what would be included after editing. And the broadcast will probably not be in the United States, only in Canada and one other country.

Whitcomb mentioned sightings by Gideon Koro, Evelyn Cheesman, and Duane Hodgkinson. The answers to Syrett’s questions, however, were brief, for the final television show will be only 30 minutes long.

Live Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs on Canadian Television

Whitcomb explained his conjecture about the source of the more mysterious of the Marfa Lights in southwest Texas. He believes that they might be similar to the ropen lights of Papua New Guinea: large nocturnal flying creatures that are bioluminescent.

Whitcomb Opposes Shooting Pterosaurs

Those who believe in modern pterosaurs have been ridiculed for years, with no end in sight for the ridicule. But cutting down ridicule by cutting down one of these amazing animals would be wrong. We need to protect precious life, not destroy it.

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