Pterosaurs in Georgia

Sandra Paradise recently gave me permission to use her real name in connection with her sightings near Winder, Georgia. She had previously been anonymous and called “PS” in my cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America. She also gave me permission to display her sketches.

sketch by Sandra Paradise - flying creature near Winder, GeorgiaCopyright 2008, Sandra Paradise (eyewitness and artist)

Quoting from the book:

The lady . . . had been trying to find someone who might help her verify . . . the strange animals that she had seen twice in the past few weeks [in 2008]. . . . Her first sighting was at 7 a.m., the second, 9 a.m., with both mornings overcast . . . Both times she phoned a friend to tell him of her extraordinary experience.

. . . entering an area of thick woods, around a mild downhill curve, with high banks and brush on each side of the road [on August 27, 2008] . . . an animal suddenly flew from the right, just over the front of her car. Although alone, she yelled, “What the — what — what is that?” She told me what made her yell out loud: It was the tail . . . a “very long” tail that had a strange shape at the end. She later sent me some sketches . . . one of them showing a thick almost-heart-shape at the end of the tail.

Overall, the animal was tan, similar to the light brown of the local deer . . . Her sketch showed a smoothly curved head crest.

More Sightings Near Winder, Georgia

. . . it was around October of the same  year [2008]. I was driving the same road, had just passed the point of my  second sighting. looking ahead and up a hill I saw a flock of crows  cross the road, from right to left, followed by –yep, you guessed  it. The pterosaur was in perfect silhouette, wings outstretched,  distinctive head in full view, pad on the tail. . . .

Pterosaurs in Cuba – Media Center

The marine observed details, later recording them in his sketch: The head was large in proportion, with a large head crest; the short ‘hind legs’ were attached to the trailing part of the wings . . .


 front cover for nonfiction cryptozoology book, 3rd edition

Live Pterosaurs in America (third edition) by Jonathan David Whitcomb

From a review of the second edition of the book:

“This is an updated review of the book and I am changing my rating to 5 stars. This book has been on my shelf for almost a year now. I pick it up every now and then and a part of me becomes more impressed by the book every time. . . . Whitcomb painstakingly reviews every account for credibility and reason. This man is not a crank. He tries to weed out would be hoaxes and miss-identification. This is not a guy looking to create evidence to confirm his own beliefs. On top of this, I have great respect for a guy who follows his dreams so passionately. He has traveled to Papua New Guinea to search for the creature there . . . If you are interested in reading about this subject, this is definitely the book to get . . .  I like how the author is not out to prove every story in the book and takes great care to make sure he has the best ones. He tries hard to make sure there are not other explanations for sightings. . . . This is well written and very hard to put down.” Review by “stevie” (five stars: maximum)

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  1. 1997 northeast of canton georgia i saw a pterosaur flying about 1000 feet agl. i had to take a double look and i watched it for about 20 seconds before the pines blocked my view. i know what i saw

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