When a Child Sees a Flying Dinosaur

Why should only adults see apparent living pterosaurs? In fact, some of the eyewitnesses of “pterodactyls” are children. How often is a child seen to spend much time outdoors! Outside is where people need to be, if they are to have any reasonable chance of observing a living pterosaur in their life times. Those who care about the truth about reports of apparent living pterosaurs will not be so concerned about the age of an eyewitness. This is a good opportunity to list some of the sightings in which a child was an eyewitness, although not necessarily the only one who saw a “flying dinosaur.”

Sudan, Africa

The boy was taking a tray of food from one mud hut to another one night, when he was startled to see a strange winged creature.

Gitmo, Cuba, “Dinosaur”

Patty Carson was only a small child, when she and her brother saw a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur in clear daylight, at the Guantanamo Bay military station in eastern Cuba, around 1965. Note that in 1971, a U.S. Marine, Eskin C. Kuhn, also saw two very similar creatures in clear daylight. He used the word “pterodactyl.” Both Carson and Kuhn, fortunately, are talented artists and have sketched what they observed.


sketch of the two pterosaurs observed by Eskin Kuhn in Cuba

Sketch by eyewitness Eskin Kuhn


sketch, by eyewitness, of the Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur of eastern Cuba

Sketch by eyewitness Patty Carson (sighting about 1965, Cuba)


Why should an objective person care whether or not an eyewitness is a child?

“Dragon” in England (ten-year-old child)

“I just wanted to tell someone about my sighting of a flying creature whilst in my childhood. . . .

“It was either 1987 or 88, when my mother used to work an evening shift at our local superstore . . . I was too young to be left at home (aged 10 then). The sky was clear and I was watching the stars when something caught my eye. It was a glowing object which seemed to open up to what I thought looked like a dragon. I was too shocked to tell my father . . . and I never told anyone about this until I met [my husband].”

The strange phrase “dinosaur bird” or “flying dinosaur” may easily through off an adult who hears an excited child try to explain what was encountered. But the age of the eyewitness does not in itself invalidate a sighting.


Pterosaur Flying in Texas

. . . only eight years old when he encountered what could only be called a “pterosaur,” in northeastern Texas, in 1995.

California Child Care Backyard

These photos were recorded in May of 2012, after spring cleaning in preparation for the summer play times

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