Pterosaur Sightings in Virginia

I recently received a detailed eyewitness report of a sighting in Virginia in 1999 (labeled “TV-12”). We’ve covered many sightings in these posts, some from various states in the U.S.A., including Washington state, Ohio, Texas, and California, but apparently Virginia had been left out. Let’s begin with older contacts.

In 2007, a lady sent me an email about what her father had seen near their home in Richmond, Virginia:

My father has been the subject of much ridicule after claiming to have seen a “dinosaur bird” fly across the moon.  His neighbor has a telescope and they’d been watching the sky when they saw it.  My sister and I dismissed it, although I couldn’t think of anything he could have seen and mistook for a “dinosaur bird.” [The lady’s father then searched online and learned about the ropen.] I went on online, and to my surprise, Dad wasn’t making it up.  I just wanted to go on record as saying that they’ve been sighted . . . here in Richmond.

1999 Sighting (This sighting is labeled “TV-12”)

“I have no plans to be held in ridicule by my family, friends or the general population for that matter.  I would REALLY like a logical explanation for what I saw . . . it was certainly not in my imagination, as there were two of us who saw, felt and heard something that night.

“I went swimming with a friend at a local reservoir [in the middle of a summer’s night] . . . I was making some splashing I remember, rather loudly . . . [The flying creature] seemed like it crossed a great distance with only a few flaps of its wings and mostly glided but it came very fast.”

[It came within about twenty feet of the eyewitness as it hovered in the air, about fifteen to twenty feet high. She was terrified.]

“We just kind of had a ‘WHAT was that?’ moment, and then headed out of there and never went back.  Incidentally, I had never witnessed anything out there like that before or since..nothing paranormal, no bigfoots…etc, nothing.  So I eventually felt comfortable ruling out going crazy after a passage of a couple of years and no further possible hallucinations or any of the like.  Also, I have never even tried illegal drugs and was not on any medication at the time, so obviously that explanation was ruled out….plus there was the other witness.”

2012 Sighting

I have recently [had] two sightings. One a couple of weeks ago, by myself I saw two flying. Then this Sunday, in about the same place, my daughter and I saw one fairly close up, flying in the opposite direction. These were all seen while traveling on a highway.

The most obvious feature was the diamond or spade tipped tail; I have not found any creature that compares. My first sighting was far enough away that I couldn’t rule out man made gliders, imitation, but the last sighting moved in such away that it was highly unlikely to be fake.


Virginia Pterosaurs (TV-12 sighting)

It came from the direction of the moon . . . all I saw was its silhouette.  I could see it was big even before it was close . . .

How big do Pterosaurs get?

As of December, 2012, seventy-four eyewitness estimates have been given for sighting that stretch back for many years. Half of those (37) are wingspan estimates from four to thirteen feet inclusive, which is the size of medium-big to big birds. . . . Nevertheless, the giant pterosaurs are not to be dismissed lightly: 31% (23 reports) included wingspan estimates of twenty feet or larger, a significant minority.

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