Glowing Pterosaurs in State of Washington

Biology professor PZ Meyers appears to have become upset with my many web pages, including my post on Live Pterosaur: “Bioluminescent Pterosaurs in Southwest Washington State.” I will not here quote from the Meyers personal blog post, for the many sightings of apparent pterosaurs in Washington state—that deserves attention here, and my post on Live Pterosaur was mentioned by that critic.

What you now read may appear to be nothing new, another blog post about apparent extant pterosaurs in the state of Washington. Yet look at the reports as a whole: many sightings in the northwest United States, over many years, and by a number of eyewitnesses. Take these encounters as a whole. Some flying creatures are glowing.

On page 232 of my book Searching for Ropens and Finding God, it says:

In May of 2010, a man and his wife were driving, at mid-day, on the I-84, by the Columbia Gorge in Oregon, when something flew across the highway. The man reported, “It was pretty good size and the thing that really stood out was that it had a long tail and unusually shaped wings, different from a bird because they seemed to be more curved.”

In the email report I received on May 30, 2010, the man said, “My wife and I both looked at each other and said, ‘did you see that?!’ As we drove down the highway and passed the point where the animal crossed the highway, my wife looked out over the river where it had flown to, and noticed that it was brown and appeared to have no feathers.” After searching online, he concluded that it was a ropen.

In August of 2011, he sent me another email: “I would have said that all these people are crazy until my wife and I saw one of these animals . . . I could easily see how a creature like that could live in a secluded area and go unnoticed, especially if it is mainly nocturnal.” . . .

Columbia River Gorge between states of Washington and Oregon

Columbia River Gorge (photo by Jonathan Whitcomb)

Notice that the man and his wife were not searching for pterosaurs. Only after their sighting did they search online for answers. That is typical. Further down the page, another person reported:

. . . from another eyewitness in October of 2012: “. . . It flew over me, and my home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State, just yesterday. . . . it flew low, made no noise, and cast a shadow as if it were a small aircraft. It freaked me out.” . . . He also said, “At first I thought pelican, but I know pelicans and this was much larger with less head weight, much larger wings, somewhat short considering the wing span, greyish in color . . . freaky.”

Sightings by Professor Peter Beach

How do those sightings in the Columbia Gorge and on the Kitsap Peninsula relate to the idea of bioluminescent pterosaurs? People in different areas of the planet have reported flying creatures that glow at night, with some of those encounters involving apparent pterosaurs. Some sightings are in the United States, and Professor Peter Beach has witnessed flying lights over a river in the state of Washington.

Was it a coincidence that one of the flying lights, seen at night by Beach, was from the same tree on which another eyewitness had seen a pterosaur? And was it also a coincidence that this professor saw, on another night, a large flying creature that did not correspond with any known species of bird or bat that lives in this area of Washington? I think not.

Professor Beach has been on a number of expeditions in this part of the Yakima River. Some of the flying lights he has witnessed are obviously not shooting stars, for some of them were observed flying parallel to the river and UNDER THE CLOUD COVER. What better explanation than bioluminescent flying creatures?


Earlier Post on Pterosaurs in Washington State

I was riding my bike home from a friend’s house around 5 pm . . . to my left, and on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird-like creatures I could ever imagine! I almost crashed my bike!


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