Reflecting on the Brown Mountain Lights of North Carolina

In this first week of March, 2015, I am now beginning to dig more deeply into reports of strange flying lights around Brown Mountain in Burke County, North Carolina.

Brown Mountain, North Carolina

Brown Mountain, NC, is a long flat ridge with few distinguishing characteristics

Comparing  Marfa Lights With Brown Mountain Lights

The strangest flying lights of southwest Texas, the Marfa Lights that fly just a few feet above the desert soil and appear to have something like chemical-electromagnetic properties—those flying lights rarely appear in that area of Texas, maybe only about six nights of each year. I’ve learned much about those from reading the book Hunting Marfa Lights, by the scientist James Bunnell. Well, it seems that the most mysterious flying lights around Brown Mountain, North Carolina, also only appear on occasion.

I have researched the most mysterious of the Marfa Lights, concluding that they are from bioluminescent flying predators (BFP) that return to the same general area of Texas every few weeks, as they roam around that part of North America, including Mexico. They may very well be related to the glowing nocturnal ropen of the southwest Pacific.

If I find that those more mysterious of the Brown Mountain Lights behave in similar ways, I may conclude the same thing for them. Let us look at the whole picture before jumping to conclusions, especially if those conclusions are based upon a few observations of lights that are easily explained: those common lights that have common explanations.

Beware of making the same error with Burke County, North Carolina, that some skeptics make with Presidio County, Texas. When a group of university physics students turned their cameras toward a highway at night, near Marfa, Texas, they recorded automobile headlights, which proves nothing about strange lights that fly a few feet above desert bushes where there are no roads. When a geologist in 1922 has two good nights to look for the Brown Mountain Lights, he reported nothing strange, which proves nothing about strange lights that rarely appear.

Caves in North Carolina

The Western NC Attractions web site calls the Linville Caves “North Carolina’s only caverns.” That seems hard to believe, considering how many caves are known in this part of the country. Finding no source to back up that statement, I suspect it would have been more accurate to say that Linville Caverns are the only ones in North Carolina that have organized tours for the public. Whatever the case, I wonder if it’s only a coincidence that these caves are only a few miles from Brown Mountain (a few miles as the pterosaur flies).

Why do I bring up caves in the eastern United States? Caves are where bioluminescent flying creatures are sometimes said to stay during daylight hours, whether in North America or in the southwest Pacific. So these unusual lights in North Carolina really do deserve more attention.



Mystery Lights of Marfa, Texas

What is guaranteed to shock most Americans who hear about Marfa, Texas? It’s not stories of the ghost  lights or scientific speculations on earth lights. A nonfiction book on living pterosaurs in America—that is shocking, including the chapter on Marfa Lights.

The Ropen and Brown Mountain Lights

Research by the physicist Clifford Paiva of BSM Research Associates


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