Living Pterosaurs Reported in Ontario, Canada

By the modern-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb

Yesterday and early this morning, I received emails from an eyewitness in Canada, a man who had encountered an apparent living pterosaur, in the fall of 2016, near the town of Lindsay in Ontario. He had also contacted me this past summer. Here’s the December 29th email, which answered my question about whether or not the flying creature had a long tail (the following is edited for punctuation, spelling, capitalization and paragraphing):

It did have a long tail and was seen yards away from the large Lindsay cemetery. I’m a bird watcher when it comes to the larger ones, and I could see what I thought at first [was] a blue heron launching from high tree tops from the southeast corner of where the Scugog River and Hwy 7 intersects.

The timing of this was perfect for me to slow down (no traffic behind me or coming from west towards me) and get a good look. It swooped low right in front of my pickup. I was astonished at what I saw as it glided across the road and traveled north following the north east bank of the river where the cemetery is located.

Didn’t know exactly what kind I had seen until I checked on internet (no back head crest). Matched a Rhamphorhynchus by appearance, was entirely black. Did not look my way and didn’t make sound or open mouth. Found out later that this nearby cemetery has an old operational crematorium. I’ve been interested in mysteries since I was young so I knew something about these creatures being scavengers concerning human remains. Was it just by chance it was headed directly towards that area?

Sighting happened too fast for me to pull over and get a cell video of it; I was stunned. Just read another sighting you posted in Toronto [that] took place in same time frame as mine, the fall of 2016. This prompted me to try and contact you again.

I replied: “Thank you very much for telling me about all this . . . I’ve received many reports from Canada, over the years, and even more reports from the USA. . . . [I gave him the link for “Eyewitness Reports of Apparent Living Pterosaurs in the United States” which is a press release on] What was the approximate wingspan of the one you saw? Jonathan”

He replied:

You’re very welcome Jonathan, glad to help with your research. I have the 4th edition of your excellent book [probably Searching for Ropens and Finding God]. I estimate the wingspan to be at least in the 2 1/2 foot area. My Lindsay sighting was less than 80 miles from the Toronto one at the Science Centre.

I’m thinking of asking the cemetery staff [in the town of Lindsay] when the cremations take place, my sighting was at 5:35 pm. My theory is the creature was possibly attracted to the exhaust of a cremation that day. I wasn’t aware of this crematorium until later but it’s the only one in a vast rural area in that district.

Due to my past years in my job and visiting various online auction locations in south central Ontario I have traveled many miles on many different roads. I’ve spoken to many people over the years about various mysterious experiences they’ve had, including a young mother who reported to me . . . strange large birds she saw perch themselves in a tree near to her and her small children in a park. She was afraid of what these dark, featherless birds (she called them) may do, [so] she and her children left the park in a hurry. This took place in Brampton, Ontario. I believe her sighting was around the same time as the Kevin Meixner’s incident, also in Brampton, you have mentioned in your book. I met her in Mississauga where we both worked at the time.

Thanks for the link. Cheers . . .

rural - Agawa River in Canada

Agawa River in Ontario, Canada


Another Living-Pterosaur Sighting in Canada

From the fourth edition of the nonfiction cryptozoology book Searching for Ropens and Finding God:

On a November morning in Brampton, Ontario, he [Kevin Meixner] and his mother saw a “strange bird-like creature” fly about twenty feet from their car. The apparent “pterodactyl” had a wingspan of about four feet and a gray color, appearing featherless.

This eyewitness said that it “looked exactly like . . . you see in the movies like Jurassic Park or on the Flintstones.” Yet he says that the flying creature they saw “had a long, skinny, pointed tail extended straight behind it that had sort of a diamond shape at the tip.” [pages 164-165 of that cryptozoology book]



Modern pterosaur in Ontario, Canada

. . .  across from the Ontario Science Centre when I saw a very smooth brown flying creature about the size of a great blue heron, with an appendage on its tail’s tip . . .


Live pterosaur with a long pointed tail

Of the worldwide sightings (the 128), the ratio of long-tail/lack-of-long-tail is about 20-to-1, namely 41% long-tail and 2% no-long-tail. For those encounters in the contiguous 48 states of the USA, the ratio is not so dramatic, 38% to 5% in favor of long tails, but it is still significant.


Living-pterosaur sightings in the United States

map of USA, with colors for living-pterosaur sighings


Rhamphorhynchus sighting

“She told me that she had [then] looked up ‘Rhamphorhynchus,’ and it was ‘definitely similar’ to what she had seen flying towards Highway 17, coming from the Jacksonville Mall area.”


Flying creature with a long tail

Modern pterosaur eyewitnesses often report a structure at the end of the long tail of the flying creature, with different witnesses using different words . . . diamond . . . lemon shape . . . sail . . . spade . . . spike . . . triangle shape


Featherless flying creature

Books on living pterosaurs, including Searching for Ropens and Finding God


Live pterosaur glided

These flying creatures are given various names by eyewitnesses: dragon, flying dinosaur, pterodactyl, dinosaur bird . . .


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