This is not about joining this particular blog, as in contributing posts by your own writing. Join us in the investigation of reports of living pterosaurs. Learn about these eyewitness encounters with “pterodactyls,” flying creatures that some persons call flying dinosaurs. Join us in thinking about this extraordinary possibility that not all species of these wonderful animals became extinct long ago. When you feel that you have learned enough, tell others about this exciting news.

Report Your Sighting

Communicate by email (report a sighting or whatever you want to say)

You can remain anonymous, if you like, but PLEASE report your sighting, if you have seen an apparent pterosaur (also called “pterodactyl” or “dragon” or “flying dinosaur”). Use the link above. You are also welcome to make comments using that link, or you can report what a friend or relative told you about his or her sighting of an apparent living pterosaur.





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One thought on “JOIN US!

  1. To whom it may concern, I have seen one of these creatures under a bridge near Tucson Az. It was a baby and was covered in soft whitish looking fur or down. The top of its head was moulting with a top knot protruding. My son was with me as we like to look for mineral specimens.We were standing not more than 15 ft from this “baby”. It was unhappy with our arrival and spread its wings out and tried to adopt a threatening birdlike attack but it was almost toppling over onto its face because of the incredible wingspan measuring at least 3 to 4 ft on each side’. I looked at my son and he said “Is that a monkey?”It was standing erect and attempting to flap those incredible wings. It was having such difficulty avoiding toppling over onto its face ,it was almost comical. This happened about a year ago. He later told me the monkey comment came from the wings as the arm grew into the wings. It had a long narrow beak ,no teeth, and stood about 2 1/2 – 3 ft tall’ My son said I dont want to be here when mommy comes back and we left the place. Its nice to know there are other sitings. There was no way this creature was a bird. Sincerely, Laurie Prati

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