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Explanation from Whitcomb:

You can jump to the contact form right now, although I suggest you learn a bit about me first and about how your privacy is protected.


Expect an email from me within a few days of when you send in your report. I’ve been receiving eyewitness reports of these flying creatures for many years, from around the world, and I respect your privacy rights. Let’s consider that.

You can remain anonymous, if you like. In fact, as soon as you click on the link and fill out the contact form and send in your report, I will assum that you want your name kept secret. Only after you indicate you agree to have your name published will that change, if you ever agree to that; if you say nothing about it, your name will be kept secret. In addition, your email and your personal identifying information, if there is any, will be kept secret from the beginning, and that will remain so until you indicate otherwise, if you ever do.

Why do I emphasize privacy at the beginning? I am an author of nonfiction cryptozoology books. For anyone who clearly tells me that he or she allows me to mention the person’s real name, I consider doing so in a future edition of one of my books on modern living pterosaurs. I may also do so on one or more of my blogs or other web pages or other online publications, after the person’s gives permission for the real name to be used. Be aware that I do not mention the real name of an eyewitness unless that person makes it clear to me that it’s OK for me to do so. Let’s look at an example of how far I can go to protect a person’s privacy.

In mid-2007, a man witnessed a large pterosaur flying across a road on which the eyewitness was driving. This was in daylight and close to the state university in the city of Irvine, Orange County, California. As of at least December 29, 2017, I have not received permission to use this person’s name. I have published the report itself many times in blog posts and on other web pages. I have also written about the encounter in my books. Yet I have kept critical identifying information private. Here is how I revealed his credibility while making it practically impossible for anyone to learn his identity:

I mentioned that this eyewitness is one of the following:

  • a police officer
  • a medical doctor
  • an attorney

I never mentioned where he worked or where he might have had an office or police station. I also never gave any hint about where he lived or what he was doing on that road on that particular day. In other words, it’s practically impossible for anyone to find out who that man was, even if someone wanted to search through everything I ever wrote about him.

Here’s another example. Some time ago, I found an eyewitness account online, and the lady had already given out her real name. I got in touch with her and she told me much more about her sighting. She asked me to keep her name out of my writings, so I kept her identifying information secret. Not only did I keep her name out of my publications, but I am not even revealing them here. Notice the second sentence of this paragraph: I did not say how long ago I had seen her name in an online publication. With the hundreds of eyewitness reports that I have dealt with over many years, how can anyone guess which lady I am referring to? And how can any researcher know whether or not the original online publication (which has her name, because she willingly gave it out at that time) is still available online?

Now for a bit about me, Jonathan Whitcomb. I try to keep an open mind as I begin to look into a new report on what an eyewitness tells me. As of at least December 29, 2017, I have never seen a flying creature that I could say was very likely a living pterosaur. (I once saw an unusual bird-like flying creature but it was too high up for me to tell whether or not it was a pterosaur; it could very well have been just an unusual bird.) I have no doubt, however, about modern living pterosaurs, that they really do exist, for the many eyewitness reports I have received have a significant consistency in too many details, across too many cultural influences worldwide, to allow me to doubt.

Now please feel free to contact me. Even if you’re not sure you want to report a sighting right now, feel free to just fill out the form and ask me one or more questions. If you want to tell me something about somebody else’s sighting, that’s also OK. Just contact me. Thank you.

Here is the link: REPORT YOUR SIGHTING.

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