Philippines Pterosaurs Seen by Eyewitnesses


At least a few eyewitnesses in the Philippines have reported pterosaur sightings to at least one cryptozoologist; I (Jonathan Whitcomb) have received a few reports myself.

Las Pinas, Philippines (reported on years ago)

. . . It has been quite some time already, about 12 years ago, and I was just about 11 or 12 then when I saw it. I saw the flying creature here in Las Pinas, Philippines near our house . . . I can clearly remember that there had already been a lot of stories going on, people claiming to see the “Tiktik” or a legendary large bat-like creature which sucks the juices out of men at night. So that night as I walking on the streets, this large creature flew about 5 storeys somewhere above me. It was slightly lit up by the street lamps and, as I recall, it looked a like a really large bat, as I can see the shape of the wings which were flapping in intervals with skin a little lighter that that of a bat’s. The wingspan is about 4-6 meters tip to tip and [it] really scared me . . .

Pterosaur in the Philippines (Two flying creatures seen in about 1994)

According to the eyewitness, “I think we’re not the only ones who saw it, because my classmate told me that there are sightings of this thing in Atimonan, Quezon [Province], just one-half hr travel from Pagbilao, and I was told by the local fisherman there that he saw it several times, flying above the sea.”
 I (interviewer was Jonathan Whitcomb) asked the young man some questions:
 Q: Did the two creatures have tails?
 A: YES! they have long tails about 3 to 4 meters long . . . it is  not a bird: They don’t have any feathers.

Various Worldwide Sighting of Pterosaurs (More details on the above sighting)

Philippines Sighting

“. . . what he called a “pterodactyl,” in fact two flying together, when he was a boy in the city of Pagbilao, Quezon Province (not to be confused with Quezon City). . . . they have long tails . . . “I saw them clearly: the SHAPE, their BAT-LIKE WINGS, a LONG NECK and . . . I dunno if it is a horn behind their heads. They have a long beak. I even saw their claws between their wings . . .”

Flying Creature in San Fernando Valley, California

(Sherman Oaks, California)

[It] suggests similarities to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. A man reported the creature after he and his girlfriend observed it while taking a walk at about 10:30 p.m. [in 2009]. He reported, “It was a very large, winged creature that was gliding maybe 100 yards above us. . . . it beat its wings, once, before going out of view.” His girlfriend had a better view (she has better vision) and saw a glow or reflection on the wings.

Pterosaur Cryptozoology Book

Live Pterosaurs in America takes you into the lives of those who report encounters with living pterosaurs. The eyewitnesses themselves tell you of their shocking, sometimes frightening, sightings of strange flying creatures our culture teaches us should not be there: modern pterosaurs.

“. . . two featherless flying creatures with wingspans of fifteen feet. . . . the two ‘dragons’ . . . broad heads, long bills, and large eyes. . . . the ‘monsters’ were held responsible for attacking chickens, with ‘many of the hens being bitten in two and left partly devoured.'”

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