Dinosaur Bird (or dragon or pterosaur)

Don’t be embarrassed if you called a strange flying creature a “dinosaur bird.” What average English speaker can spell “pterodactyl” or (more technically correct) “pterosaur?”¬†Perhaps the word “dragon” came to mind. Don’t fret if you told nobody about what you saw. Who would have believed you? Never mind that now. You have found a blog especially for those who have seen what Western culture has taught us we should never see. Be comforted in knowing that you are not alone.

It has been estimated that at least 1400 Americans have observed a living pterosaur in the United States within the past thirty years. The great majority of them have not reported their encounters with any cryptozoologist, but those who have done so may not all have been received with enthusiam, for not all cryptozoologists believe in modern living pterosaurs. I am an exception, specializing in interviewing eyewitnesses of these marvelous featherless flying creatures. If you have seen a “dinosaur bird” (by whatever name you choose to call it), please call me or send me an email. Thank you.

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