Various Worldwide Sightings of Pterosaurs

Europe: Spain 1, Netherlands 1; Not Soccer, Pterosaur Sightings

Forget about the World Cup, for the moment: Spain defeating Netherlands 1-0 in the international soccer finals. These two countries tied 1-1 in something completely different: modern sightings of apparent pterosaurs. Near Amsterdam (Netherlands), the flying creature, seen in daylight, was an elephant-grey color; in Spain, the flying creature, seen at night, was a suede color, with a long tail. Neither creature had any feathers.

Philippines Sighting Around 1994

“. . . what he called a “pterodactyl,” in fact two flying together, when he was a boy in the city of Pagbilao, Quezon Province (not to be confused with Quezon City). . . . they have long tails about 3 to 4 meters long . . .it is not a bird: They don’t have any feathers. . . . “I saw them clearly: the SHAPE, their BAT-LIKE WINGS, a LONG NECK and . . . I dunno if it is a horn behind their heads. They have a long beak. I even saw their claws between their wings. They don’t have any feathers . . .”

Pterodactyl Near Indonesia

“About 150 miles southeast of Bali, Indonesia, (June, 2008) a Britten-Norman Islander (airplane) nearly collided with what both the pilot and the co-pilot soon afterwards called a ‘pterodactyl.’ At an altitude of 6500 feet, the plane was put into a dive to avoid a collision.”
The Kongamato, according to Wikipedia, is said to reside in Western Zambia, Angola and Congo (Africa). According to In Witchbound Africa (non-fiction book by F. Melland), this very dangerous creature flies along certain rivers, attacking small boats, at times, hence the name that means “breaker of boats.”
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3 thoughts on “Various Worldwide Sightings of Pterosaurs

  1. I have seen a pair of them way back in the early 60’s when I was a small boy. I was wondering some distance from the village I was staying in Alexandra Road area, and was out on an adventure hunt one hot afternoon in a forested area when I came across a pair of them flying together and circling some tall palm trees (those with small orange coloured fruits) and then helping themselves to the fruits. They were making cries which sounded like squawking in the process. They were large (and at that time I thought nothing more of them as I was of the notion that such bird like creatures were the order of the day – at such a young age at that time I never knew they were thought to be extinct.

    Modern day paleontologists claim pterosaurs to be meat eating, but the pair that I saw in our boyhood showed that at least some species were herbivores.

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  3. I have communicated with the above CC Low, concerning his sighting in the early 1960’s. This sighting of two pterosaurs was near Singapore, perhaps even in an area that is now part of urban Singapore.

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